In NoTeLimites you can find all the events that exist around you. You can also save and schedule to all which you want to go.

We are a small company with a unique vision: That all people can know what events are around them and can decide what to do every day.


This project would not have been possible without the great support of a group of excellent people and for that very reason we would like to thank you. #NoTeLimites

Thank you very much for all the support you provided or are providing the following people:


Victor García
Lic, en Comunicación

Daniel Gaytán
Ing. Industrial y de Sistemas

Arturo Sierra
Lic. en Mercadotecnia

Alejandra Rodriguez
Lic. en Diseño Gráfico

Sandra Gonzalez
Lic. en Turismo Internacional

María José Laso
Lic. en Letras Hispánicas

Ana Karen García
Lic. en Turismo Internacional

Astrid Gonzalez
Lic. en Comunicación

Alejandra Patiño
Lic, en Turismo Internacional

Margarita Castillo
Lic. en Gastronomía

Gerardo Quiroga
Lic. en Finanzas

Cristian Mercado
Ing. en Sistemas de tecnología

Mario Plasencia
Lic. en Economía y Finanzas

Manuel Mendoza
Ing. Industrial y de Sistemas

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